Republican Newsflash: Fox News Sucks

I’m glad that some of our Republican friends are getting a small taste of the giant suckfest that passes for journalism at Fox News. It seems that Fox News has been censoring its coverage of the Iowa Straw Poll.

From Politics & Religion:

Here are the uncensored results from the Iowa Straw Poll:
1 Mitt Romney 4516 31.6%
2 Mike Huckabee 2587 18.1%
3 Sam Brownback 2192 15.3%
4 Tom Tancredo 1961 13.7%
5 Ron Paul 1305 9.1%
6 Tommy Thompson 1039 7.3%
7 Fred Thompson 203 1.4%
8 Rudy Giuliani 183 1.3%
9 Duncan Hunter 174 1.2%
10 John McCain 101 1.0%
11 John H. Cox 41 0.1% 

And then here’s the results as reported on Fox News:

Iowa Straw Poll Results

Yep, Congressman Tom Tancredo and Congressman Ron Paul are left out.  Coincidentally (or not?) both are in favor of disengagement in Iraq.


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