Invasion of the Body Snatching North Koreans

Unbelievable. The Asahi Shinbun is reporting that the Japanese have tentatively identified yet another Japanese citizen abducted by North Korea.

A newscaster on state-run television in North Korea bears a striking resemblance to a Japanese who went missing off Tottori Prefecture in 1988, prompting an investigation into whether the two men are one and the same, sources said.

The government is comparing a photo of the announcer with those of Tomiyasu Yakura, who left Sakaiminato port in western Tottori Prefecture to go fishing in August 1988, and has not been seen since.

Yakura’s boat was found eight days after he left port, but he was nowhere to be found.

The resident of Yonago, in the same prefecture, was 36.

Let me be as clear as possible. I think Japanese right-wingers are crazy. They drive around in their black vans belting nationalistic and often racist propaganda. They insist that Japanese politicians pray to enshrined war criminals at Yasukuni Shrine. They want to rewrite the history of WWII to say that the war was America’s fault. They insist that all the Japanese army did in Nanking was hunt down resistance fighters and hand out lollypops to children. They’re nuts.

However, can you really blame them for wanting to bomb the hell out of North Korea? Imagine if American citizens started randomly disappearing off the streets and then showing up in Argentina, for example. The American right would have the Stealth Bombers in the air before you can say “living la vida loca.”

As much as I hate to agree with crazy people, maybe it is time to revise the Japanese Constitution. It doesn’t have to be overly edited. A couple of sentences will do:

“Japan renounces the use of force to settle international disputes. Except for with North Korea. We reserve the right to bomb those bitches back to the stone age.”


via – I, Shingen

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2 Comments on “Invasion of the Body Snatching North Koreans”

  1. Shingen Says:

    Don’t forget to call dibs on China too…

  2. Michael Says:

    You’re probably right…although I’m not sure Japan wants a piece of China anytime soon.

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