We Have a Race in Alabama!

The Alabama first congressional district wouldn’t normally be making news. Alabama’s voting districts have been gerrymandered to hell, and incumbent Jo Bonner won the seat 68-32 last election. However, Congressman Bonner has been a staunch supporter of President Bush, who is becoming quite unpopular even in Alabama.

Democrat Benjamin Lodmell officially announced his candidacy today. Even with the Bush baggage hanging around Congressman Bonner’s neck, it’ll be an uphill battle for Lodmell. He’s not from the area, and he also co-authored a book calling for tort reform, which won’t go over well with trial lawyers, traditionally a big ally for Democrats in Alabama.

Still, if Lodmell can even make a good run at the seat it’ll be great news for Democrats in Alabama.


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2 Comments on “We Have a Race in Alabama!”

  1. Boyds-eye-View Says:

    Candidate Lodmell is spending tons of energy going around the district pressing the flesh and listening to concerns. There is a loyal cadre of Progressives, watching Jo Bonner’s incredible career of ignoring every constituent except the huge money interests that have consistently financed his campaigns, and calling him on each and every sell-out when it happens. Can we actually beat this entrenched Bush-o-crat? Who knows? Are we gonna give it one heckuva shot? You bet we are.

    Lodmell’s campaign has now opened an Escambia County headquarters in Atmore to provide campaign materials and assistance to all his supporters. Yes, we HAVE got a race in Alabama.

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