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Japan’s Latest Export – The British Bullet Train

August 25, 2007
British Bullet Train
An Artist’s Impression of the British Bullet Train

The first train of what will eventually be a new fleet of high-speed trains in the United Kingdom arrived from Japan this morning. The high speed trains, which can travel up to 140 MPH, will eventually link the heart of London to the famous Channel Tunnel in southern England.

The trains will cut the current travel time by more than half, allowing easy access to the London Olympics in 2012.



Japan Hopes to Develop a “New Internet”

August 19, 2007

Japan’s communications minister Yoshihide Suga said today that Japan is going to start researching and developing the technology for the “next generation” of the internet.

Apparently, this “new internet” will be faster, and will offer better security that the slow, virus-laden piece-of-crap internet that you’re reading this post on. And, given prior precedent with Japanese technology, it will likely be very, very small and come in a variety of cute colors.

The technology will be ready by 2020.


via – The Japan Times

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